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Obiee cast text as number

6 - Documentation / Reference

3 - How to

1-01 Revenue (Sum All)" as VARCHAR(10)) '{/a}' else CAST( "F1 Revenue"."1-01 Revenue (Sum All)" as VARCHAR(10) )END

3 - The configuration of the date format

Third method- Casting with Date format.

In this case BI server doesn't include the 3rd column in query to DB as we are Camouflage the concatenation of columns based on browser capabilities i.e. ...

Second method- Changing with custom Date format in the Data format.

Convert text to number

OBIEE 11g/12c and ODI12c

4 - How to add this regular expression in OBIEE

Don't forget to set an aggregation rule to Max or Min (not sum) for Day Number column there in Measure block of Pivot.

To force
to work we will set the text to be HTML in Data format:

6 - Support

Creating Calculated Items Using Oracle BI EE

Step 3: Select "Donot Summarize" option from the drop down and now the column becomes a dimension column.

Step 1: Edit column formula and place your code in below format. Concat all the parameters to be passed. Set Target and give it a name.

5 - Add a conditional formatting

Changing calculation logic based on a column

This functionality was working fine in their old OBIEE 11g environment, but when trying to similarly export the reports to Excel in 12c, they were getting ...


OBIEE 12C exports issue post

OBIEE 10g is a lot more forgiving than 11g. So what worked in 10g may not work in 11g – such as data type mismatches. For this error, you need to check ...

So I am going to replace 24 (highlighted) to 24.00 to all that applies. This should automatically fool OBIEE into not using floor function.

"Percent of" in OBIEE pivot-tables


Cue several hours of fiddling with column formulas in Answers, wrapping the filter value in a CAST function and so on, all of which only partially solved ...

OBIEE Training - Functions and Variables Pages 1 - 21 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

56 56 Library of Formula

Navigate to the destination folder to make sure that all the XML files are generated under the RPD name of original file.

OBIEE Training - Functions and Variables Pages 1 - 21 - Text Version | FlipHTML5


Let me know if you face any issues.


Select “Date Format” field dropdown as custom/as required in your report. If you select “Date Format” field dropdown as custom then specify “Custom Date ...

Figure 6 - Format when condition is met

Endeca Studio Domain :

3.2 - Creation of the system and repository variable

Testing Automation of OBIEE Subject Areas

Solved: convert minutes into hours minutes and seconds (No... - Microsoft Power BI Community

Description of Figure 7-9 follows

< CAST( TIMESTAMPADD( SQL_TSI_DAY, -1, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ) AS DATE ) Of course I changed the operator for each LTS. Save RPD, Transaction Update Failed.

Even if you have Smartview, and can do more or less the same thing, what if you wanted to delegate some of the tedium involved in manually crunching all ...

Endeca and OBIEE on same weblogic?

Open image in new window ...


4. The RCU and the 11G installation are done through a windows UI, therefore the displaying of it in Linux or Unix environment needs to be set up by ...

Casting Physical Column Mapping as Float




3 Today Explore ways to create formulas – Look at helpful SQLs and simple Fx s – MS Excel as a formula worksheet builder – Notepad as a tool and storage ...

Open image in new window ...

Database Data

Calculated item OBIEE

The static text details are populated and the screen would appear as below:

OBIEE Date Expressions Reference | Computer Programming | Areas Of Computer Science

Save this action with any name you remember.

Oracle Errors

Editing the Formula for a Column Using Oracle BI EE

Column formula for drop-down list date from field:

Method 4:

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Unify - An Insight Into the Product

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Functions Syntax: Double quote around folder & field names Single quote around string

How to Migrate from Discoverer to OBIEE in 9 Weeks!


Solved: convert minutes into hours minutes and seconds (No... - Microsoft Power BI Community


Description of Figure 7-10 follows

Once both the Logo Image and the Static Text section has been added , we can save the analysis and try to open the same.The OTBI analysis appears as below:

Who the dashboard was designed for


Solution: Apply aggregation in criteria.


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Configuration of ODCS in BI Publisher requires the URI, username and password. Here the username is expected to have access to the folder where the files ...

enter image description here

Choose the location where OBIEE 11G will be installed:

Oracle SQL Online Training Course Content



In the Data source Name : you can give any name under Define Connection Select Data source Type as Oracle BI then enter your BI Server credentials host name ...

obiee consultant ...

i) Add a Prompt to the Dashboard for DUNS Number.

Figure 13 - Count distinct against dimension